Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Twofer!

Yeppers. Got my first twofer today.

No, not that, you sick-minded, perverted gutter-dweller. I'm talking about stories. Stories.

Well, one article and one story, to be specific. Fangs for Nothing is out today at Flashes in The Dark, and Dog Limericks is up at Raphael's Village.

Fangs is a story about a good ol' boy trying to cope with an onslaught of vampires in his small, southern town. Dog Limericks is about, well, dog limericks. I mean, dogs should be able to have limericks if they want them, no?

Anyhow, if you stop by and read 'em and feel the desire to destroy my ego via comment here, go for it. I'm all about humiliation.


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