Thursday, October 3, 2013

Tilly the Wonder Dog : finis

Tilly the Wonder Dog shuffled off this mortal coil Thursday, October third, saved from additional bone cancer induced pain by the grace of the needle. She was three and a half years old.

Born in Tennessee, she spent her early years in an abusive relationship and was dumped at a kill shelter at age two with two cracked teeth and a poorly healed busted hip. She was saved by the Rescue Waggin' and brought to Michigan where she found a home with a couple of Old Farts who didn't believe kicking dogs was good sport.

Tilly loved food, fetch, tug, the occasional unwatched garbage bag, squeaky toys and licking peanut butter out of the deep hole in her rubber faux-bone-like toy. She did not like hair dryers, coffee grinders or vacuum cleaners. Thunderstorms were sent by Satan for her personal torment. Of this she was sure. Tilly was not particularly fond of other dogs either. But she adored people. Especially kids. She was a good dog. Good girl. I miss her already.

Other dogs need a break too, so in lieu of flowers the family requests you consider making a modest donation to your local Humane Society or to the Rescue Waggin'.

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