Saturday, September 4, 2010

I can has publications?

Yes I can.

A week ago Friday morning I received payment for the script rights to my short story, Bloodsuckers. It has been adapted into a play along with three others from Necrotic Tissue magazine. Three Zombies and a Demon, by Roy C. Booth is now available from Stygian Publications. Of course, this is not my publication, it's Mr. Booth's, but nevertheless, I’m looking forward to seeing what he’s done with my quirky little story.

On September 1st, Aspen Mountain Press published Blob and the Sous-Chef and Other Stories, a collection of horror and dark humor short stories, written by yours truly. There are eleven stories in all, covering everything from zombies to ghosts to serial killers to monsters to vampires. For some reason, I forgot to include werewolves, so if hairy shapeshifters are your thing, you're out of luck with this book.

If you do happen to pick up a copy (and my creditors would love it if you do), I'd appreciate hearing what you have to say. For positive, complementary comments, feel free to append them to the comment section of this post. For negative slams, harping at me because I happened to have a character hiss a complete sentence one lousy time, send your comments here, where they will be given full attention.


  1. congrats!

    Oh sorry typo. That's "cong rats" big suckers too. I hope they eat your tail in your sleep. :P

    Really is cool though. I'm glad you are showing some positive results. Unlike me...everything I try falls into the abis. No matter what I do I just keep...

    *walks into a dark mumbling to himself*

  2. I highly recommend Blob and the Sous Chef, not just because I edited it. My favorite story in the collection is called "Skin - A Love Story".

  3. Wait. You're a writer?

  4. Jay, Lori, MB - Thanks. Preesh.

    Ferret - I know. Go figure.

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  6. I'm glad you managed to find my blog, Jim, and I hope you felt better for posting here. Once you buy my book, all your problems should go away, and you'll no longer feel compelled to post your message on any miscellaneous site you happen to come across.

    You should also consider moving out of Ohio, because as you know, Ohio really sucks.